Presentation on making ethanol from cellulosic feedstock wins Most Promising Presenter award at Cleantech Venture Forum

San Francisco, March 22, 2006 — ClearFuels Technology, Inc., was one of 18 companies selected to present at the Cleantech Venture Forum held March 20-22, 2006, in San Francisco. At the end of the conference, which attracted hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs interested in technologies that will provide alternative energy and environmental solutions, ClearFuels walked away with the “Most Promising Presenter” prize.

ClearFuels, a Garage portfolio company, is developing technology that converts cellulosic biomass, such as sugar cane bagasse, crop waste, wood waste, and energy crops, into fuel grade ethanol using a unique, patented steam reformation process. The company is hoping to fulfill the promise of replacing imported petroleum with “home grown” (literally) ethanol. ClearFuels is based in Hawaii.

After the conference, one of the founders of ClearFuels, Eric Darmstaedter, was interviewed by the Red Herring.