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Assuming you have an idea for a new business, you are probably thinking about contacting prospective investors, among others, about your new venture. Before you start pitching investors, you want to make sure you understand what investors (like Garage) are looking for, and that you are telling your story in a way that investors can best understand. Check out some of our great startup resources below to improve your chances of success:

Critical Factors for Obtaining Funding
An overview of the critical factors for success in raising venture capital.

Writing a Compelling Executive Summary
A summary of the key elements of an effective executive summary, including a list of typical mistakes.

Perfecting Your Pitch
A guide to crafting your investor presentation, including a detailed framework and tips on effective pitching.

Getting to Wow!
Throw out your elevator pitch and craft a Wow! statement instead. Here’s how to distill the essence of your value proposition into something clear, credible, and compelling, including ten tips on improving your communications.


Top Ten Lessons from Revenue Bootcamp
Tips and techniques for making money in the new economy, by Bill Reichert.

Top Ten Lessons from the U.S. Navy
What entrepreneurs and executives can learn about management from the people who run a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, by Bill Reichert.

Small is Beautiful   (Slides. PDF)
New Opportunities and Challenges For Entrepreneurs and Investors, by Bill Reichert.

“The Art of the Start” 2006 Conference
The presentation slides from the conference.

Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs   (Slides. PDF)
It’s good to be an enthusiastic entrepreneur, but avoid using these “lies” when pitching your company.

Top Ten Lies of Venture Capitalists   (Slides. PDF)
A tool for understanding what venture capitalists really mean when they use these phrases.