BUILDING A COMPANY | Accelerate your startup

ACCELERATE THE GROWTH of your company with our great resources below. Find out the startup secrets to success–from bootstrapping and raising capital to recruiting and rainmaking. Learn how to get funded with our famous Art of the Start series. Then become king of your market with helpful guidance from Guy Kawasaki.


Launch rocket-speed ahead to startup success with the following materials from “The Art of the Start” conference, book, and speeches.

  • The Art of the Start – How do you get going from just an idea? Learn the simple but critical steps necessary to quickly and effectively jump start your company.
    Slides (pdf): The Art of the Start
    Video: Guy Kawasaki presents The Art of the Start at TiECon 2006
  • The Art of Raising Capital – You’ve got to know the rules to get funded. First you have to decide if you are venture fundable. Then you have to figure out which investors are right for your company. Then you have to convince them — or find alternative funding options.
    Slides (pdf): The Art of Raising Capital
    Audio (mp3): The Art of Raising Capital
  • The Art of Selling – The three most important words: revenue, revenue and revenue. Ten proven sales strategies and techniques for making the cash register ring. Let it Rain!
    Slides (pdf): The Art of Selling
    Audio (mp3): The Art of Rain Making
  • The Art of Pitching – To be effective presenting your company to investors, partners, or customers, you have to know what to say and how best to say it.
    Audio (mp3): The Art of Pitching
    Article (pdf): Perfecting Your Pitch
  • The Art of Bootstrapping – What do you do if you are not (yet?) venture fundable? You do what lots of wildly successful companies did — you bootstrap! It worked for HP, Microsoft, Apple, Dell and eBay. Learn the tricks and traps of bootstrapping, including some recent variations on the technique.
    Audio (mp3): The Art of Bootstrapping


  • Rules for Revolutionaries – Based on Guy’s previous book. A hands-on guide to innovation.
    Slides (pdf): Rules for Revolutionaries
  • How to Drive Your Competition Crazy – A guerrilla manual to driving your competition up the wall.
    Slides (pdf): How to Drive Your Competition Crazy
  • Selling the Dream – Guy’s guide to evangelising products and services.
    Slides (pdf): Selling the Dream
  • Leadership Lessons from the Trenches – The most important lessons that Guy has learned thru his long and checkered business career.
    Slides (pdf): Leadership Lessons from the Trenches
  • The War for Talent – Insights into the hiring and recruiting game.
    Slides (pdf): The War for Talent