GARAGE PORTFOLIO COMPANIES | Ground-breaking innovation

OUR PORTFOLIO COMPANIES are among the most cutting-edge technology companies in the world. Our venture capital investments cover a broad spectrum of technologies and markets, including software, hardware, telecommunications, application services, materials science, and clean technologies.

business layers logo

BusinessLayers (acquired by Netegrity, which was acquired by Computer Associates) provides provisioning solutions, which form the cornerstone of today’s Identity Management and Security initiatives.

CaseStack is a logistics outsourcing provider that provides clients with all of the advantages that the largest corporations enjoy without the infrastructure investment.

cfares logo harnesses the complexity of identifying more air travel options, to ensure that the lowest priced flights are chosen as often as possible.

Claria Corporation is a leader in online behavioral marketing, advertising messages for top tier companies and agencies to tens of millions of consumers who are part of Claria’s network.

ClearAccessIP is the first AI-enabled IP Management solution that supports critical decision making around patenting and technology transfer for intellectual property holders.

ClearFuels Technology produces clear, clean renewable fuels such as ethanol, methanol, hydrogen and synthetic gas from sustainable cellulosic biomass using advanced thermochemical technologies.

Digital Envoy provides a revolutionary technology called geo-intelligence that has allowed countless businesses to move beyond the “borderless Internet” and leverage the power of IP-based decision-making in their online endeavors.

digital fountain logo

Digital Fountain software optimizes the delivery of digital media over any network by eliminating the common limitations of digital media distribution solutions.

dlight logo

D.light Design makes clean, affordable lighting and power solutions to improve the quality of light, the quality of life, and the quality of the atmosphere.

film loop logo

FilmLoop (acquired by Fabrik) provides a Visual Communications Network that enables people to broadcast, find, and communicate using digital content.

future trade logo

FutureTrade provides electronic trading tools and services to institutional traders and hedge fund managers, allowing buy-side traders to react quickly to market information and movement.

guru net logo

GuruNet Corporation (NASDQ: ANSW) develops and markets its GuruNet Answer Engine, which provides quick integrated reference answers instead of just search engine links.

hoku scientific logo

Hoku Scientific (NASDQ: HOKU) is a leading developer and provider of proprietary fuel cell solutions that will establish fuel cells as the leading source of power in the transportation, stationary, and portable markets.

Immunix (acquired by Novell) provides proactive protection for Linux programs and operating system services, increasing infrastructure up time and improving resource utilization and efficiency.

iNest (acquired by Lending Tree) is a real estate broker specializing in newly constructed homes, connecting buyers and builders together since 1997.

innovative robotics

Innovative Robotics provides class 1 equipment front-end module (EFEM) systems for 200 bridge tool and 300 mm wafer, mask, and small glass substrate platforms.


IP3 Networks (acquired by Second Rule) provides a subscriber management solution that enables service providers to easily manage and control public access to the Internet through customized billing and an authentication system.

kaboodle logo

Kaboodle (acquired by Hearst Corporation) provides a very powerful engine that makes it easy to collect, organize, and share information for shopping, travel or any other research.

Knightscope develops technology to predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous robots, predictive analytics, and social engagement.

LeftHand’s SAN/iQ software turns standard servers like the HP ProLiant DL380 into scalable network storage ideal for primary storage, server consolidation, disaster recovery and campus SANs.

miasole logo

Miasolé technology revolutionizes solar cell manufacturing through its proprietary process that can create thin-film solar cells at lower cost, higher quality, greater efficiency, and using far more environmentally friendly processes.

motley fool logo

The Motley Fool‘s mission is to educate, enrich and amuse individual investors around the world.

netconversions logo

NetConversions (acquired by aQuantive, which was acquired by Microsoft) provided website usability and optimization solutions.

NovaCentrix provides custom engineered nanopowders specifically designed to solve the unique problems of its customers, adding significant value to their products.

packet island logo

Packet Island pioneered the development of award-winning SaaS-based solutions for managing converged media networks carrying voice, data, and video.

Pandora (formerly SavageBeast) is the leader in music navigation and recommendation technology — a powerful, must-have functionality for all businesses that offer music to consumers. is a sales management platform that enables its users to manage their teams and grow revenues.

phat noise logo

PhatNoise provides an integrated suite of software, hardware, connectivity and media technologies that open up the car to the digital world. is the most comprehensive AI powered product search engine for consumers, specializing in providing alternative shopping options.

psionic tech logo

Psionic (acquired by Cisco) develops network security software that increases the efficiency of intrusion detection systems (IDS) by reducing false alarms by up to 95 percent.

PureSight, Inc. is the leading provider of advanced content recognition and management solutions for mobile operators and Enterprise markets.


Qumu (formerly Media Publisher) provides enterprise software that eliminates technical complexity and simplifies all phases of the rich media publishing and management process.


Razz is a mobile entertainment and technology company focused on developing creative, cutting-edge software products and services for mobile phones and handhelds.


Sapias (acquired by Wireless Matrix) delivers advanced web-enabled solutions for managing enterprise fleets–improving productivity, security, operating efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


SignaCert delivers independent IT controls that provide a deeper understanding to enterprise systems and prove applications are deployed as intended.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company that simplifies the job-finding process through its online database of jobs on the planet.

Sixense is a leading provider of VR/AR enterprise solutions. Sixense technology delivers a more natural and intuitive way to interact in the virtual world.

step labs logo

STEP Labs is a Silicon Valley-based acoustic software company whose technology produces crystal-clear voice communications even in the noisiest environments.


Synacor provides a flexible provisioning platform, enabling comprehensive delivery to Internet broadband service providers.

thermoceramix logo

ThermoCeramix produces a “smart” electro-resistive coating and heating technology for application in the appliance, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical, and molding industries.

trip wire logo

Tripwire creates Change Auditing software that reduces operational risk and ensures the security and availability of your networks.

u-Nav Microelectronics (acquired by Atheros Communications) is a fabless semiconductor company developing GPS chipsets and software for the mobile location based services market.

vigilistics logo

Vigilistics provides configurable software for tracking, tracing, and analyzing process manufacturing for the dairy and food processing industry.


Virtualis (acquired by Allegiance Telecom) provides a unique blend of software and hosting that allows the small business owner to manage their Internet presence without outsourcing.

visa now

VISANOW leads the way in global immigration and employment eligibility services by simplifying immigration and employment eligibility processes.

VOKE is a Silicon Valley-based live-streaming virtual reality company.

Web Order

WebOrder (acquired by Netopia which was acquired by Motorola) provides small business owners a seamless solution in enabling ecommerce on their web sites.

white hat logo

WhiteHat Security provides website risk management solutions that protect critical data, ensure compliance and narrow the window of risk.


Xora GPS TimeTrack provides a simple, inexpensive way for businesses to track employee location, record shift times and breaks, and capture job/work order information from a GPS-enabled mobile phone.


Yoics transforms network configuration and management from a black art reserved for IT managers into a consumer friendly mass market solution.